IAQ Works of Sacramento, CA

IAQ Works of Sacramento, CA

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3844 Alder St
Sacramento, CA 95838



Business Description:

Our company executes the appropriate methods for the inspection of any home, office, hotel, or any other type of property that may be contaminated with mold or damaged by water leaks/intrusion. IAQ Works is a leader in consistently performing services that go beyond expectations for prices that are hard to beat. It is with pride that we provide a broad range of services that resolve any client issue that affects the air quality of any indoor environment. Any mold related damage that occurs in an establishment can be handled by our specialized and professional technicians. No matter the scope of the project, our mold inspectors and partnered laboratory scientists will assess the concern providing a full detailed report with suggested resolutions, if a problem is found. We have a remediation crew that is equipped to treat contaminated mold areas or repair structural damage caused by water. Contact IAQ Works today for quotes on your property.

Services Offered:

Our primary focus is on the detection and elimination of microbial contamination which is done through property assessment, suspect mold surface or swab samples, indoor air quality testing, and mold analysis. IAQ Works has worked diligently to provide the area of Sacramento with complete services from beginning to finish.


  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Discovery
  • Remediation
  • Removal
  • Restoration

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