Advanced Property Maintenance of San Diego, CA

Advanced Property Maintenance of San Diego, CA

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4857 Juneberry Ct
San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 939-9189

For 12 years, Advanced Property Maintenance has supplied San Diego with professional mold and water damage solutions. The inspection, testing, and remediation processes can only be properly performed by certified professionals. Our company maintains a professional image by hiring strictly the best field technicians, and by associating ourselves with organizations such as the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA) and the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization (MICRO). Our experiences as a local company make us the best choice for all of your mold testing and elimination needs.

The dangers of mold can be nonexistent or major, but all mold growth has the potential of being harmful. Allergies, respiratory and nervous sytem issues, and even some forms of cancer have been attributed to the presence of indoor mold contamination. The airborne spores make their way into one’s body via their airways. The only way to rid your indoor environment of the majority of these spores is via professional remediation. Amateur attempts can often increase air pollution while missing key areas of moisture intrusion that feed the contamination, which cause mold to spread. When choosing a company for remediation, be aware that the technicians at Advanced Property Maintenance are the safest possible choice. Full protective gear as well as protection from cross-contamination ensure that we are indeed the safest mold company around.

Water damage is often the gateway to indoor mold growth, which is why materials damaged by water should be replaced swiftly and efficiently.
Contact a representative between 8am and 6pm weekdays for further information about San Diego mold remediation, inspection, or water damage services, or to inquire about our 10-year mold-free warranty!

Our Services:
The City of San Diego is plagued with different types of  indoor environmental contamination, mold being one of the most common. Our mold inspection and remediation services are designed to eliminate the worry of mold illness and property damage in and around San Diego. Professional inspectors, lab technicians, restoration contractors, and remediation experts have the necessary training to execute quality services for a low price. Call us today for a free over-the-phone estimate, and start on the road to a clean indoor environment.

Service Specializations:
Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, Mold Removal, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Assessment, Inspection and Testing Services, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Indoor Environmental Services

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